What is Social Selling?

Hubspot in an article defined Social Selling as: “an activity in which Sales reps use social media to interact directly with their prospects, deliver value by answering their questions and post content until the prospect is ready to buy.”

Through social commercials can interact and nurture prospects and customers.

Social Selling is the Social Media Marketing of B2B. Social Selling means developing your own professional brand to identify sales opportunities, evaluate prospects and enhance relationships with them also thanks to Content Marketing.

Why is Social Selling strategic for companies?

  • 74% of buyers choose supplier for content,
  • 90% of buyers do not answer cold calls,
  • 89% of customers start the process of purchase with online search,
  • It takes on average 7/8 online / offline contacts to make an appointment.

With social selling do you create the strong relationship and then sell?

The Lead Generation

Finding, approaching, interacting and concluding:

  • find potential leads;
  • approach your potential customers with pull techniques, non-invasive and avoiding the classic cold calls;
  • interact with them through social media;
  • post interesting content for your audience;
  • get appointments or request quotes.

The first step is to find the right prospects:

  • Ideation Buyer Personas,
  • Using advanced search on Google,
  • Creating automatic lists to continuously retrieve Leads.

Study prospects

Find out everything you need to know about your prospect:

Look for it in other Social Media

  • Find out about his hobbies and skills
  • What do you have in common?
  • Trusted contacts in common?
  • Is it active in some non-profit causes?

Workflow to approach it

Choose the best approach among:

  • Leverage content that they are relevant to him,
  • Leverage some social events,
  • Leverage common contacts.
  • Please note: always personalize the connection request.

Workflow to hire him

Enjoy, comment and share his content. Send him articles, ebooks and information privately. Show that you are an expert in your industry, without sounding pompous.

Aspects of Social Selling to consider

Aspects to consider carefully for a correct strategy:

    Business strategy of content production,

  • Teamwork,
  • Breakdown of back-end and front-end work,
  • Interviews to check which are relevant content,
  • Analysis and measurement.

Social selling is not an easy way, but maybe it’s the last one for your business.