How do you increase productivity at work? The key to increasing productivity and psychophysical well-being in the medium and long term is a relaxed and peaceful working environment.

Reducing stress in the workplace

Today, all companies must reduce the causes of employee burn out so as not to compromise their physical and mental health. Employee well-being has become a strategic factor in increasing competitiveness and being successful in the market.

Stress puts employee happiness at risk and is directly one of the primary causes of decline in job performance.

What can be done? There are various tools for reducing and preventing stress such as coaching, meditation, yoga and other techniques to teach you how to relax and break down tension. Large companies internationally are promoting this type of programs among employees.

Long live Smart working

Companies develop technologies and organizations to manage and perform remote work for their employees. This also leads to a reduction in fixed costs for companies, in particular we are talking about offices and travel expenses. Finally, there are many studies that show that a motivated employee during smart working produces much more than traditional work in the office.

A happier and more relaxed worker is also more loyal and efficient, recent studies show in fact that smart working policies can lead to a 20% increase in productivity, as well as reducing employee absences.

Let’s start from small gestures

If we want to find calm and tranquility in the workplace we must start from the small daily gestures of healthy habits that can help us improve quality of spaces and our relationships with colleagues and superiors.

We personalize the workplace

Customize the workplace: a plant, a children’s drawing, your cup of the heart… having objects you care about around it can help you be more at ease. This also applies to those who are working from home these days: dedicate a specific space to work, setting up a comfortable workstation to enrich with personal touches.

Manage your time better

Another very useful piece of advice is not to waste energy and to prioritize yourself. Getting results is always a great way to increase self-esteem and self-confidence.

Take your time

The breaks and the time for themselves they are fundamental, in particular, to find themselves in the chaos of the working day and to create lasting and healthy relationships with colleagues. The latter aspect is often overlooked, but we know that relationships with colleagues are essential to achieve goals in the workplace.