There are events, such as the ending of a friendship or the loss of a loved one, that can deeply affect us, leading to depressive states. We are well aware that life is made up of joys and sorrows, however every time life presents us with difficult situations we cannot help but suffer. Reacting positively to a tragic event is not easy: to succeed, you need to have great fortitude and the ability to be optimistic, seeing the famous light in the tunnel. And if the unpleasant situation derives from work, the situation does not change, on the contrary.

Often dismissal causes pain equal to a love breakup. After all, you spend most of your time working and this results in a strong union, very similar to what occurs in a relationship.

For these reasons, below you will find some tips to deal with dismissal faster and get off to a great start.

Change the perception of dismissal

Those who are fired suffer a severe blow to their self-esteem which can lead them to seriously doubt their abilities. Feeling “rejected” and realizing that the days will no longer be as busy as before is no small change. Because, however repetitive and tiring the tasks might be, they gave feelings of gratification and usefulness capable of compensating for the negative aspects.

The reasons that can lead to an employer being fired are many. Usually – especially in modern times – there are those who are forced to downsize the workforce for economic reasons. In this case it is not necessary to continue to whip and ruminate because the cause is not to be amputated to oneself. There are those, however, who dismiss because they do not consider the performance of employees satisfactory. In this situation, instead, it is necessary to analyze the dynamics more carefully to understand what in the employment relationship did not work as it should. Therefore, it becomes necessary to be a little self-critical : it can only do well in view of future works.

However, it’s not necessarily bad to change. This occasion can open new doors and give space to new expectations, but you have to be ready to welcome the news. These will only come if you start to perceive the event differently, with more positivity and optimism. Life is dynamic and constantly changing the cards on the table. The dismissal remains a negative event, but it can change the angle of the point of view to deal more quickly with the blow.

Don’t close yourself

The news of the dismissal triggers a series of emotions that are difficult to manage. To lighten the burden, it is advisable to share thoughts and moods with loved ones. However, select well who will be the recipients of your outbursts: many may annoy you with clich├ęs and little heard. Don’t repress what you are feeling and let us help you.

Don’t lose faith in yourself

If you got fired, it means something went wrong. The idea that what you have been doing for years was not enough to keep you in the company can hurt you and make you feel betrayed, opening the doors to thoughts that make you doubt of you. It is the biggest mistake you can make: the failure you are experiencing does not have to convince you that you are a loser. Identify the feelings you are experiencing (anguish, disappointment, anger) and start from a careful analysis of what can make you reach a high level of awareness. Take advantage of the situation to get to know yourself better and to understand what you would like to do in the future.

To move forward, however, you must continue to love yourself well and not lose the confidence in your abilities. On the other hand, for having worked for a long time in the same company, there must have been some reason, right?