Finding a job, especially in this era marked by the economic crisis, is becoming increasingly difficult. The reason is simple: there are fewer and fewer interesting job offers and a minimum error is enough to risk losing the ideal job. Furthermore, healthy companies in this period, unfortunately, are numerically decreasing. This is why when you find a well-paid job offer in a healthy and serious company, you have to do everything to win the selection.

In many years of recruitment we have analyzed tens of thousands of resumes and carried out many interviews, a few precautions and a minimum of attention are enough to avoid trivial but serious errors. Let’s see them one by one.

Grammar errors in the CV

One of the most trivial is to make grammar or typing errors in the resume. It also often happens to people with a respectable curriculum. We live in a faster world where we have less and less time, but we should never forget to reread what we write.

Two suggestions in this regard: after having reread your CV, ask a person you trust to do the same, sometimes the writer fails to see their own mistakes, while another person does. Another possibility: read the CV in reverse: typos and typing errors not highlighted by the software will immediately jump to the eye.

Use an unprofessional email address

It often happens that you notice unprofessional email addresses, or partner email addresses. It is unprofessional to include email addresses such as [email protected] or [email protected] in the curriculum. Creating an email address is an activity that takes a few seconds and is free. Even using your partner’s email address is unprofessional.

Lack of focus

A mistake we often see is not having a precise focus when searching. Many people are satisfied with the first job offered to them, or even worse they apply for all available job offers. In a search and selection company very often each recruiter follows multiple job offers and the behavior described above does not help you to do well even if you would have all the credentials to do so.

So it’s better to have clear ideas about “what you want to do when you grow up”. It is true that today it is difficult to find a job, let alone “the job”, but it is still good to have clear ideas so as not to see the possibility of obtaining the much desired position fade away.

Do not do any research on the company you are applying for

When you arrive at the time of the interview, it is essential to have recovered information about the company offering the job. Otherwise, there is little interest and little desire to be hired. So it is certainly essential to read and analyze the website and follow the social channels of those who should hire you.

Apply only for the offers you find

Another strategic mistake is to wait for a certain job offer: if a company interests you, spontaneously send your resume and explain why this interest was born and the things you could do for it.

It might seem like a waste of time, but today it’s essential to finish first; for this reason, if you are lucky, the spontaneous application will turn into a job relationship.

Use only the net

Today the web is monopolizing most of human activities, but relationships and personal acquaintances have always been an essential engine for combining supply and demand. This is why it is essential to also use offline channels, or relational ones, to find work.