Comic Play Casino Blackjack

comic play casino blackjack

How often have you wished the online casino you are in had a bigger selection of Blackjack games? In most cases, only 2-3 titles would be available, which quickly gets boring for some gamblers.

Comic Play Casino blackjack’s number of games, for now, counts 16 different titles ( including the ones from RTG), not the online Live Dealer one. Exciting, right?

Comic Play blackjack choice is amazing, and we spent at least a few hours studying every single game to form our unbiased opinion in this review. We are people who trust facts more than empty promises, and the fact that the platform has to offer double as much as the regular online casino, saving the quality – wins our hearts 100%.

How to Play Blackjack: Rules and Tips

Blackjack is a pretty famous game – it has a lot of references in books, TV series, and movies. It has a reputation as a favorite entertainment for smart and filthy rich people without limits. But what are the rules? What strategy to pick and what algorithm to practice to enjoy the game and win the money? Let us support you and explain it briefly.

It is a misconception that the meaning of the gameplay is to score more points, but not more than twenty-one. No. The point is to beat the dealer (croupier). The game is played not in one deck but in several decks (1-8). The fewer of them, the more likely it is to beat the dealer.

The nominal values of the cards are as follows:

  • from two to ten, they coincide with the face value;
  • Jack, the Queen, and the King have ten points;
  • Ace always goes either one point or eleven.

If the dealer and the player have the same number of points, then no one has lost or won. When a player has a total of 21 points after the distribution, this is blackjack. This is the only combination of cards in the game that has its own name. This player is given an early payout – a win of 3 to 2 (1.5 more than their bet).

The remaining participants who do not have 21 are offered the next card; in this case, it is necessary to say “card” or “more” or stop at the number of points that are already on hand (say “enough”).

If, after receiving the third card, 21 points have been scored, the croupier silently continues the game with the next participant. More than 21 is a “bust”. The croupier says “a lot, ” meaning your bet is lost. If the dealer scores blackjack – everyone loses.

Those who have already taken 2 or 3 free cards and are ready to play with the dealer begin to open their cards. The general rule is to stop taking carts when you get at least 17 points, as if you continue – the risk of getting over 21 is extremely high.